Elliott Wave Theory has been applied to many different types of markets over the years. One that you have not seen many, or even any, Wave predictions on is the gold market. There is a site Elliott Wave Gold that addresses this gap in the Elliott Wave Theory prediction universe. This review considers what it has to offer you.

About Elliott Wave Gold’s Founder

Elliott Wave Gold is the brainchild of New Zealand Registered Financial Advisor Lara Iriarte. Laura brings her expertise as a Chartered Market Technician to her analysis of the gold and several other commodities markets including silver, oil, and an ETF on gold mining stocks. Iriarte is also a Market Technicians Association member.

Her history with Elliott Wave Theory goes back to 2008. Since then, she has worked with the Wave Theory and Principle to analyze as many as five different markets each day. Elliott Wave Gold was not her first research and analysis site. She first started the website Elliott Wave Forex in 2009 analyzing two main currency pairs the EUR/USD and GBP/USD. She later handed this site over to others and the following year started Elliott Wave Stock Market. Eventually she brought all of this combined experience with Elliott Wave Theory to the table with this latest site Elliott Wave Gold in 2013. Laura explains that her educational background and degree in science give her the ideal base for focussing on the evidence and logic involved with Elliott Wave Theory and financial analysis. The site claims members in the worlds of professional trading, institutional investing, and fund management.

The Analysis and Commentary Elliott Wave Gold Provides

The site’s Elliott Wave analysis and commentary is designed to help teach members and readers on a daily basis the ways to best apply the Elliott Wave Principle. The analysis teaches users the proper way to apply these principles to any kind of financial market. This instruction is not limited to applying the Wave Theory only to gold and the other commodities covered on the site.

Elliott Wave Gold does more than just cover the gold markets here. It also provides analysis on the site for gold, silver, oil, and GDX (the Market Vectors Gold Miners Exchange Traded Fund). Besides the Elliott Wave based analysis and commentary, there are also monthly updated Elliott Wave count charts provided for visitors.

Education Provided by Elliott Wave Gold

Because of the complicated nature of the material, every good Elliott Wave Theory site should place a heavy emphasis on education. Elliott Wave Gold makes no exception to this rule. This starts with a series of educational videos whose purpose is to go through the Elliott Wave Principle and to explain it. Besides this, their educational site offers a number of links to other educational materials on the subject. Most of this particular material comes from the Elliott Wave International site.

One thing we like about the educational links is that they are organized and listed in a logical beginners to experts level order. The idea behind this is that you who are completely new to the whole Elliott Wave Theory can go down the links in a top to bottom progression and learn the material in the right order. This way, you will not suddenly find yourself mired in advanced Elliott Wave Theory in your first days learning the subject.

Cost of Elliott Wave Gold

Elliott Wave Gold offers a good promotional deal to give anyone who is interested in learning more about the site and its range of analysis on different commodities markets a chance to do so without having to make a significant commitment and investment. The one week trial costs only $1 and provides full and unrestricted access to the Elliott Wave Gold site. If the trial subscription is not cancelled, then at the end of the week it renews at the monthly price of the package for which you sign up.

The standard site packages are as follows:

• The site offers a Gold only analysis package for $60 per month. Included in this is five times per week analysis, charts, and text plus a one time per week Elliott Wave and technical analysis video. This deal can be had at a special price of $300 for six months.

• There is also an oil and silver package available for $50 per month. This comes with a once per week charts, analysis, and text on the silver and oil markets. There is no once a week Elliott Wave and technical analysis video provided in this service. The special includes both commodities’ analysis for $250 for six months.

• Elliott Wave Gold also offers their Gold Plus package for $80 per month. This package basically combines all of the benefits of the Gold only analysis package with the oil and silver analysis package. The special deal comes with all of the site’s analysis for $400 for six months. All of the site’s special six month deals are billed once every six months.

About Wesley Crowder

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Elliott Wave Gold Review
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Review Summary:

This site fills a void as there is not much Elliot Wave based gold analysis on the markets. We like that you are able to have Elliott Wave analysis on silver and oil as well. The educational section is useful and well-organized. Those considering the site will like the $1 week trial period.


  • Provides analysis on gold, silver, and oil.
  • Education section is well organized.
  • The site's one week $1 trial offer is very appealing.


  • In order to have access to gold, silver, and oil analysis, you have to pay a higher monthly price.

This site fills a void as there is not much Elliot Wave based gold analysis on the markets. We like that you are able to have Elliott Wave analysis on silver and oil as well. The educational section is useful and well-organized. Those considering the site will like the $1 week trial period.

Editor rating
Rated 3.5 stars
User rating
Rated 0 stars